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Surface treatment of precious metal jewelry

Precious metal jewelry in its final stage of production must be surface treatment, in order to achieve the desired artistic effect. Surface treatment of many ways, including: chisel engraved, gold, electroplating, car flowers (milling), sandblasting and so on.
(1) plating process
Electroplating process is a precious metal jewelry surface treatment of the processing methods, such as silver jewelry gold-plated treatment, platinum jewelry rhodium-plated treatment. Jewelry electroplating process of the main processes are: acid-base washing - degreasing polishing - plating.
Electroplating process can be precious metal jewelry surface color and brightness to protect, so that jewelry has a more beautiful appearance.
(2) gold-clad process
Gold-clad process is a very thin layer of gold hammers wrapped in non-gold ornaments, and then heating, with a tool to gold foil firmly pressed on the surface of ornaments, leaving no seam. Gold jewelry looks like gold jewelry. Gold-clad process is also a common means of jewelry surface treatment.
(3) chisel engraving process
Engraving process is a chisel with a knife in the precious metal surface with a hammer to create a manual hammer decoration process, decoration can be deep to shallow, uneven bumps, different roughness.
(4) car flowers (milling)
With high-speed rotation of the diamond cutter, carved in the decorative surface of the round after round of vertical and horizontal stripes and arranged in a pattern of flower carving or milling process. As the diamond cutter is very hard, so the milling out of the streak bright and flickering. We call the flash ring or flash that is spent car processing from the process, popular with people of all ages.
(5) sand blasting
High pressure will be fine quartz sand shot in the exposed polished metal surface, resulting in a hazy soft surface technology.
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