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How to design people like the metal key chain?

A keychain, dual role
In addition to key buckle withhold key, easy to carry, but also can be used as accessories, and even entrusted with a pure love. Whether MM or GG like to hang the key ring on the bag, as a decorative accessories, some of the fine key ring is even regarded as jewelry to wear. The couple key ring, withhold not only the key, it is the hearts of lovers. Every time you open or close the door, see the key ring as to see his favorite (her), can not help but thrown warm and romantic scene that, intoxicated in the sweet memories.
Hardware keychain cartoon elements favored
Cute cartoon keychain, because of its colorful and flexible style, a wave of people's "pet." Sweet pink heart-shaped, coupled with fresh flowers embellishment, playful; chubby, soft little bee doll, Taobao people certainly looked heart; sweet and sour strawberry, mouth-watering; clever MIKEY, Funny Don Duck ... ... these are full of fairy tale color cartoon image key ring, who can resist the temptation of it.
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