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What are the benefits of silver jewelry with the body?

With silver metal jewelry on the body good?
Silver jewelry can help us suck away the body more than the moisture to make our body more healthy, if the silver has black signs that it is your body is not very good.
Silver ion has a strong bactericidal effect on the human body is very good, it is not only the economic value of beautiful generous and can do testing tools body with silver health and wealth will be accompanied, not only because of its precious metal medicine than gold on human health Of the performance even higher.
Silver jewelry can be used to detect food is not toxic because silver and many toxins can produce a chemical reaction to make the silver black and easy to identify the naked eye.
Silver jewelry with the absorption of toxic features This is one of the reasons it discoloration, so it has excellent disinfection performance of this discoloration is only the surface reaction with toothpaste or drugs to eliminate, we can see, Silver jewelry on the importance of health can not be ignored.
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