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Hardware jewelry processing What are the steps?

First, all workers before entering the job post, view from the clothing is not fit the job request. Do not wear slippers, high heels and affect the safety of clothing, long hair to wear a helmet. Work to adhere to accurate posture, there must be enough energy perfunctory, such as physical discomfort should immediately leave the job post, and reflect to the leadership. Operation is necessary to gather ideas, prohibit Laoke, mutual cooperation, the operator not in the irritability, fatigue, state of operation, to avoid the occurrence of trouble, to ensure safe operation.
Second, the machine before the exercise to see some of the movement is not filling the oil, and then start and see the clutch, the brake is not normal, and the machine blank for 1-3 minutes, machinery failure when prohibited.
Third, replace the mold when the first closed power, punch movement, some suspension of operations, before the start device, debugging mold. After adjusting the device, hand-wheel flywheel try to punch twice, see the upper and lower mold is not symmetrical, reasonable, the screw is not consolidated, blank holder is not in a reasonable position.
Fourth, it is necessary to wait for other personnel from the mechanical operation area, and take away the debris on the operating platform before starting the power to start the machine.
Fifth, the mechanical start, by one person transport and mechanical operation, other people may not press the power to build or foot pedal switch board, but can not hand into the mechanical operation area or hand movement of some mechanical movement. Mechanical operation, the prohibition of the hand into the slider operating area, prohibit the hand to take, put the workpiece. In the die to take, put the workpiece is necessary to meet the specifications of the use of things. If there is any abnormal sound or malfunction of the machine, close the power switch and check it.
6, after get off work, should be idle power, and finishing good posts on the side material and debris, etc., to ensure that the operating environment cleaning and security.
Above the operating procedures need to consciously abide by, do not violate the operation, the occurrence of failure, repair personnel should be co-repair, the incident immediately interrupted power, adhere to the scene statement factory wait until the deal, in violation of the operating rules to form all the results, the parties bear all the results .
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